Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is emerging as a promising strategy for repairing damaged cartilage and bone tissue. Tissue engineering of bone and cartilage has developed from simple to sophisticated materials with defined porosity, surface features, and the ability to deliver biological factors.  A number of biodegradable and bio researchable materials, as well as scaffold designs, have been experimentally and/or clinically are being studied. The therapies are currently used to treat diseases/injuries which are based on the use of pharmaceutical agents, auto/allotransplant and synthetic materials. However, such solutions present a number of inconveniences and therefore, there is a constant search for novel therapeutic solutions. Among various other techniques, scaffolds and hydrogels play a major role in repair of bone and cartilage tissue.

  • Hydrogels prepared using various Bio-materials
  • Hydrogels prepared fabricated via different approaches
  • Injectable Hydrogels

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